With our extensive network and exposure, we are able to locate and attract alternative investment opportunities on a global scale.

Company Profile 

Benessere Investment Group leverages its founders’ experience along with an extensive advisory network to provide opportunities to our investors.


We locate, develop, and manage unique investments and our experts provide the critical insight, analysis, and governance needed to maximize investment potential.


We are strategically headquartered in Miami, Florida, where we can access growth opportunities across the Americas. Our network and location ensures that Benessere investors have access to a wide variety of deals, funds, and services.

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Patrick F. Orlando
Founder & CEO
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Patrick Orlando founded Benessere Investment Group with a desire to provide unique growth opportunities to investors through alternative investments. Mr Orlando has more than 25 years of experience across broad swaths of finance in addition to founding successful operating companies.

One of Mr. Orlando’s main focuses is sponsoring and managing special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs). The three SPACS that have gone public to date raised circa $580 million which Mr. Orlando and his teams endeavor to put to work fueling the kick the growth of select companies into high gear. He has a passion for identifying special opportunities and working to secure business combinations with companies that show potential for long-term growth.

Prior to his shift to middle-markets and SPACs, Mr. Orlando spent a decade and a half focused on operating companies and related financial structuring in energy and commodities. He founded a sugar trading business and built two energy distribution businesses, connecting the world’s largest suppliers to the fastest growing emerging markets in Latin America.

Mr. Orlando has also worked on derivatives including in roles as director in emerging markets fixed income derivatives at JP Morgan Deutsche Bank.

He earned degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Management Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.