Maquia Aquisition Corp's IPO

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Benessere's CEO, Patrick Orlando, took part in celebrating Macquia Capital Acquisition Corporation’s Initial Public Offering of $173mm with the ringing of the Nasdaq closing bell in New York on July 7th. Patrick Orlando is director and special advisor of Maquia, part of Benesssere Investment Group’s family of SPACs, in partnership with Maquia Capital and Fuel Venture Capital. It is trading in Nasdaq under the ticker symbol (Nasdaq: MAQCU).

The Benessere/Fuel team at Nasdaq

"Benessere Investment Group partnering with Maquia Capital and Fuel Venture Capital enabled us to create a SPAC opportunity for our sponsor investors that will lead to a combination that can bring returns in a dynamic and quickly growing platform that is redefining how investment is done." Patrick Orlando